The List is out !! 100 Best Bridal Portraits of 2016(set-1)

They say divinity and Indian Brides are synonymous to each other. Of course it is undoubtedly true and its hard to find someone who would not second that.

Last year, we did witness some scintillating weddings, but most importantly we have seen some amazing brides who nailed their traditional look. Having said that, we have now bought you the best Bridal portraits of the year 2016. Without any further delay, scroll down to know more.

A heavy Maang tika, Kalyana tilakam, Heirloom jewellery and a bright Kanchi saree. Undoubtedly, this bride is the epitome in describing south Indian culture and beautifully shot by Impressions.

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beautiful bride in heritage jewellery

Few brides exude confidence and royalty with every cell of their body and this bride is one of the very few in that category. Chunky jewellery and a pastel Kanchivaram additionally enhanced her grace a multiple folds and stunningly captured by Harikrishnan photography.

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Royal bride in pastels

There is something very special about this color. Probably because of the reason that the name itself has royalty in it, I am talking about the elegant bride in this amazing ‘Rani’ Pink saree and all thanks to the photographer from

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Bride in pink

Kemp Jewellery, Red bindi and those incredibly sharp eyes. What more do we have to say about this bride, other than admiring her like a morning sunshine. Another beautiful capture from

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The Sunshine Bride

Neeta shankar never ceases to amaze us with her lens. Probably because being a woman, she exactly know what the bride would ever want. This bride with her sweet smile and  impeccable bridal looks is one of the most favourite for Team BE.

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A sweet smile for Beautiful Bride

Trendy Maang tika, a bold pink lip color and her sweet smile, this bride, has a great sense of experimenting and we are sure that she executed her look ‘oh-so-perfectly’. Another capture by our talented Neeta Shankar.

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The Diva Bride

Traditional Telugu brides are a little special of all, why? Because it is not just one outfit that has to look perfect on them, its two. While the cream-gold saree is what worn the mangalasutradharana, here is the bride in all her glory. 

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A beautiful Telugu Bride

Yellow is synonymous to Prosperity and Auspiciousness in India and this pretty Bride in the combination of Off white and Yellow looks equally traditional with her subtle makeup and expressive eyes. Shot by Ashok Arsh Photography.

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The Yellow Bride

This Pretty bride without a second thought is beauty personified. Doesn’t she reminds of the shy and coy lady from one of those Ravi Varma Paintings? Hell Yea!! A big shout out to the photography team from AshokArsh who bought out this stunning portrait.

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Enter a caption

As we already discussed, this Telugu doll is all decked up for her big moment and very evidently, is all flowy with her emotion and that definitely is adding a lot of life to the portrait.

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The Ivory Bride

Now this picture completely comes first in the most unique bridal Portrait. Look at the bride, how engrossed she is!! Or probably she must checking out if anyone out there have posted about their wedding in a newspaper!!

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The Modern Bride

Where is the bride looking at? Let’s do some guessing, umm.. seems like she is waiting  for her prince Charming. What do you think? But, if we keep aside all this, this portrait is one of the best bespoke portraits in the last wedding season.

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The subtle coral bride

Let us be honest with you, the first moment we had a look at this beauty, all we could visualise were those amazing oil painting in the court of the Mysore palace. Probably it’s the instinct, but this amazing bride nailed the look to perfection. Her Brocade blouse unlike the conventional heavy bridal blouses is a show stealer. Kudos to Deepak Vijay Photography.

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The Royal Bride

This Bride is a perfect example of what cuteness overloaded exactly means. Diamond Jewellery, Contrast blouse and an awesome peacock detailing. Over all Super Machi!! Another click by Deepak Vijay Phtography.

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The contemporary Bride

When we speak about how important  Eye Makeup is, we are not exaggerating!! And the proof? Look at how those lush lashes are adding to the Bridal Look and we are simply in love with this picture. All credits to Deepak Vijay Photography.

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Bride in the making

Next time someone asks you what’s so special about Traditional Jewellery, show them this picture. Guttapusalu, Mamidi Haram and Kemp Jhumkas , this Bride is an epitome of a traditional Royal Bride.

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We could stop humming ‘Chilaka mukku choodu mukkera meedha erupu choodu’ when we saw this beautiful portrait of a South Indian Bride captured by . We guess that you would second us for this bride.

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The ‘Naath’ Bride

If someones asks us of what does a Niravana Moment mean, we would definitely show up this picture to prove it. The serene expression of the Bride is what made us fell in love with this picture. Shot by Aashish Photography.

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The Nirvana Bride

Doesn’t this image remind you of all those Nalli or Pothy’s high end Commercials. Of course yes!!The Bride is looking every bit regal and we especially loved the way the greens have been used to capture the potrait. Again a magic by Aashish Photography.

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The Regal Bride

For some unknown reason, this bride looks straight out of a ‘Baapu’ Painting. Large eyes with loads of kohl, a coin sized bindi and a unique combination for a Bridal Look. All put together she is just ‘Picture Perfect’. All thanks to The Knotz for this amazing picture.

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The ‘Baapu Bomma’ Bride

Hard to not notice the sense of detailing the bride has. The beautiful cut work blouse, amazing color combination which she managed to incorporate into her floral veni’s too. Over all we give a thumps up to the fashionista bride. Shot by Zerogravity studios

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Who denies when a bride wears a red and green saree? Two awesome Royal colors make one fantabulous outcome and here is the example.

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Traditional Bride in Red and Green

Beautiful Bride Vaishnavi looks no less than a celestial goddess in all her glory. Those perfect kohl eyes and her tranquil definitely mesmerises everyone and all thanks to Ranganath Photography for their magic.

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The beautiful Ivory Bride

We truly bet that this Bride is a true competitor to all the beautiful parrots out there. Amazingly themed makeup really made her stand out uniquely and we are lost in the vibrancy of this picture.

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Bride in Parrot shades

Longing  for more? Stay tuned for more pictures of these amazing south Indian Brides. We would get back soon

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