The Parrot Way!

Parrot backdrop  decor  is the newest trend seen in the Indian weddings. The parrots  represents conjugal happiness and what a great way to include them in the weddings. Best way  to bless the couple!
Parrots made of betel nuts, different leaves or plastic ones are used.

Here are some beautiful parrot decor , which would want you to include them in your wedding.

Green light and dark tones very well combined !

Bright yellow green combination stand outs.


Blend of traditional flowers to make parrot  decor with a printed backdrop.

PC-Digital Studio

Chequered design . Alternate parrot and jasmine decor.

PC- Flying Shutter

Beautiful Manapam yellow backdrop stands out.

PC-S photographers


Attractive parrot wall hangings.These look eye catchy and steal the show.



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