The Tradition of Mangalam Snanam.

The bride and the groom are required to take an mangala snanam using Turmeric and pure oil.  It has scientific reason too, i.e. turmeric is to purify skin as it acts as healing of acne due to its antiseptic & antibacterial properties and to give a youthful radiance to brides skin, and turmeric face mask cleans scars & skin burning sensation, decrease the oil oozing by the sebaceous glands of skin.
Here bride or groom should not use any other soaps or beauty facials.

During this function , all the relatives and the well wishers of the families gather at the bride and groom’s respective houses and smudge them with turmeric paste. This is the starting of the ceremony.
They are given a new set of clothes to wear . After this ceremony the bride is not allowed to go out of the town until the marriage ceremony is finished.

The venue is  decorated  with the attractive designs  floral designs . A peacock shaped décor , so colourful snanam ready!


Designer Jalleda, Designer buckets, coloured water and Fresh flower petals for the groom.

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