Bridal pooja

The ultimate NRI Bride’s survival guide

Thanks to Globalization that the youth of India are now shining bright in every corner of the world. However, Weddings bring every one Home, connecting them to their roots. However, when weddings are not a simple affair anymore as earlier, planning all the elaborate events is a huge task. What adds to all this is when the Bride only has a week’s  time to plan out everything. While Facetime is the Bride’s Best friend more than ever, here is an Ultimate guide for every NRI Bride.


The world is connected more than ever in the history of Mankind. Make the maximum use of it. Start building/research on your wedding trousseau. Look up and follow designers or save up inspirations on what would you want for your special occasions. This is one time where things get so much more easier when you have a Wishlist. All this is possible without having have to fly down home. Isn’t it?


While many trusted and popular retailers are online now, go ahead and place your orders .Make sure you order them on right time, so that they are already waiting for you by the time you reach home. If you are not satisfied, make use of the return policy. Sarees are a safe bet here, as you would only have to bother about the blouse, while the rest of the stuff is taken care off. When it comes to designer gowns and other cocktail outfits, do not take risk, fit is an important aspect here. Frankly, we have seen brides who bought their Muhurtham Kanjivarams online, so why not.

Jewelry: A Thumb rule here. If you are looking at artificial semi precious costume Jewelry for your wedding, nothing stops you from making a purchase. In fact you ‘should’ choose a set to the earliest. However if you investing a lump some on a precious Jewelry, it’s better you hold on. Go try it and only then make the big purchase. One exception here however is if you absolutely have a design in mind, go ahead and place your order, since most Jewelers need at least a month’s time to get your order ready. This applies to your Wedding/Engagement rings too.

Accessories:Now trust me guys,accessories like flowers, Bangles these many look like knick knacks, which can be handled easily. But trust me, with the little amount of time in your pocket, it is easy to overlook these like a blink of an eye. Many vendors like Pelli poola jada etc now offer customized accessories. So select a design from their facebook or Instagram page and make sure you place you order before you arrive. This way, you would have time to focus of other important things.

Bridal Glow:

Your stress about being a bride should never mask your Bridal glow. We understand the pain of being away from home and have to look after everything on your own. But, do not miss to follow a regimen you love to make your face look supple and bright. Do that juice cleanse or eat your greens!! Anything which works for you.

Gifts to carry home:
Take home gifts for bridesmaids and thank us later. Bridesmaids make you life so much easier during your Brideszilla phase, so gifts for them are a must.Other than that, do not go overboard and stress yourself with trying to buy everything for everyone. It would be a massive stress on you, since you any have to shop again in India. So keep Tabs.

Hope this helped you in bring a cool bride? Did we miss anything or want to hear about anything from us? Comment and let us know!! Stay tuned to Bridesessentials for more details.

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