Dear Maa,

I take the liberty to call you Maa in this Pen down. I din’t have the courage you address you as ‘ma’ verbally, but I guess its high time I do so and let this be a start.

Life took a 360 degree turn the moment my wedding was on the cards. The Bride-to-be phase which I cherish and will for a lifetime was a  nesting ground for anxiety and excitement at the same time. I din’t know what to expect and what not. Everyone shared their Gyan, including my mom. And probably she is still a lil’ strong while I am taking my baby steps into managing a home. But, a year later, where has it all gone?

Yeah, it’s been a year since I entered our household and not even once I had to be conscious of what I spoke, or how I did things despite hearing a earful every time I visited my parents. Well, Maa it just dawned upon me that it was solely because of you that I could be myself in every aspect. You have accepted me with open arms and took care of me like a baby. Over all of it, you insisted me to remain the same.

I still remember the day when you  gracefully asked me to select my wedding Saree, In fact the entire wedding trousseau. When I insisted, you replied, “I love your selection Kanna and it’s after all your wedding, you choose what you like”. I know its a very small thing, but ma you have no idea how much it meant to me. Those words resonated trust and confidence that you never treated me as a amateur. To top it all, you made me select even my husband’s outfits for all occasions. The amount of credence you placed on me was something not even my parents had on me.

Now that you are a pro in using whatsapp, Let me recall you to the time when you struggled to learn how to text and send images on whatsapp just to ping and ask me about my whereabouts when I was at work. Let me also boast that you haven’t learnt sending text messages even when your son living abroad pleaded, but you proactively did that for me.

I never looked back after the heart warming moments I had with you. I haven’t even cried during my Bidhai (ofcourse, which everyone makes fun of), well trust me, it has nothing to do with your son, it was solely because I held on to you like a lil’ kid.

I never missed my home or friends. You pampered me like a little brat and even changed the traditional dining menu just so that it suited my tastebuds. I still laugh off at the rant of you when I sneaked into the kitchen to do some dishes out of boredom. I also  remember how carefully you dressed my wounds when I recklessly tipped over random stuff.

As your son and I celebrated our first anniversary, it’s also a toast to you and me for all the wonderful times we had. All the endless shopping trips and Bargaining over all the silly knick knacks. From the excited kid you were on your first flight to the Diva poser that you are for all the vacation pictures, I love everything about you. I wonder if I could ever keep up you pace when I  turn your age.

You always say that I replaced the void of not having a daughter, however you have multiplied the motherly love which is showered at me. Thanks for everything Maa ????

Your Brat,