Top 6 Hairdos for this Wedding Season.

Brides make a statement with their incredible display of bridal fashion silks like the Kanchipuram silks, and some unforgettable traditional and modern gold jewellery.
Just like the emphasis given on dress and makeup, she needs to make it a point to take care of her hairdo as well.
These hairstyles can be sported from the engagement to reception,and let the guests return with the memories of the fashionista bride.


Buns have been the wedding favourite in hairstyles for a long time now. Brides have been sporting them in a much more modern and contemporary style in the recent South Indian weddings.Here is a front view of the bun, a little puff given to the bride.


The choice of a classy half updo where the rest of the hair can be either let down, or made into a partial chignon, or set into nice flowing curls to catch all the attention in the room!

Nice flowing curls to showcase your lovely locks.Can be best for the reception . Moreover,  curly hair appears very beautiful in hairstyles of any length.

The traditional hairstyles in the South Indian wedding go with the basic plait, long and adorned with embellishments made of stones or, in a more traditional setting, a beautiful arrangement of flowers, often jasmine and rose. The two classic hair accessories for such a hairstyle is the netti chutti  and the lovely kunjalam worn at the end of the braid to complete the hairstyle.

Another casual hairdo owned by the bride on her very special wedding reception is the  one-sided braid which is at once both informally fun yet sexy in a laid-back way. It is that basic hairdo that can be accentuated by bright stone hairpins or adorned with a single flower for that classic look that all brides want to have.

Coming from the French expression “chignon du cou” which means “nape of the neck”, it is a rather sensual hairdo that is donned as a casual daily hairstyle as well. A simple chignon with minimal flowers like few roses or others will compliment the attire with grace.

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