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Architecture seems to having it’s time in the sun and from temples to mosques to mahals, the designs are all over the place! And if you are a bride who loves a bit of tradition and heritage as part of your outfit, we say – go head, full speed! There are even witnessed in the bridal  mehendi designs that are really kicking up a notch on the architectural side, so take a look at these motifs!
We are blessed to be  a part of such heritage.

Gajja or the Elephant Motif
Over a period of time encompassing several centuries, elephants became an important part of Indian life and society, particularly of religious tradition, the royalty, and the aristocratic segment of the society.

Yali Mandapas
The strength and power of Yali can be understood by the significance of its placement which is often the main pillars in the entrance of mandapam (a temple porch or gateway leading to the temple) and sometimes serving as Dwara-Baalagars (Guards to the God). It is believed that its gracious yet ferocious expressions scare away the evil and protect the sanctity of the place.

Deer Motif 
The deer has found many interesting spots in Hindu Mythology. Playing an integral role in Sita’s abduction by Raavan; to being spotted in the dainty Mughal paintings, the deer, an exotic animal has found its way on various art forms of through mudras in dance forms, mythology and sculptures.

Symbol of purity, sheer and elegance is the gracious swan that has decked the Kanjivaram sarees for centuries to modern days. The bird believed to be Goddess Saraswathi’s Vaahanam (vehicle), the mythical creature is also referred as Annapakshi.

Panch Kalyan
The white horse is considered auspicious. Panch Kalyan means five good markings  from GOD. Also called the ” horse of lord Krishna”.

Gandaperunda is a mythical bird of supreme strength and grace.The motif is found in many forms and variants ornately sculpted onto stupas and ceilings of the royal courts and temples to symbolise righteousness and power.

These have  been a significant motif in Kanjivaram silk sarees and is believed to be extremely auspicious for sarees worn for weddings, baby showers and other auspicious ceremonies .From palaces to temples,  motifs that have stood across centuries as an inspiration for master weavers.

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