Afgan earrings from Niyathi

#Truestory: After spending 70k, this is what I know about Silver Jewelry

Yes, the title is true and I spend more than an freaking 70k on silver jewelry.
And truth to be told, I don’t even regret my purchases by 1% and I am happy staying true to what my style is.
So, today let us discuss about the world of silver jewelry . If you ask me, if I am qualified for it, here is what I have to say. I have been shopping for tribal silver jewelry since 3 years and probably would have shopped with more than 10 vendors online and offline. So, I may not be the best, but I feel I am at least qualifies to write about it.

Silver jewelry from Niyathi
Silver jewelry from Niyathi

So every time there is a silver Jewelry post with pricing, at least one person comments on it saying “It’s just silver right? Why is it so expensive?” Well, Silver Jewelry is way beyond just the metal. So here are some major factors you need to know when you are considering to Invest in one of these beauties.
1. The workmanship plays a major role in the pricing of  silver jewelry. It’s just like how you pay making charges for gold. You would be paying almost the same amount for workmanship as much as you pay for gold. The overhead when compared against gold, may not feel huge to you. But silver being a not so precious metal, you would have an impression that it’s expensive, but here trust me guys, it’s all worth the look.
2. The stones used are not precious, however they are most likely to be semi precious and you would be paying the price for it.
3. The pieces which are mentioned vintage are usually the ones sourced from the tribals in and around Rajasthan. They are definitely a rarity and are never perfect pieces. However their beauty lies in Imperfections. Also the silver too is about 80% purity. But consider yourself coz you are owning a piece of the Indian History
4. Not all pieces mentioned Vintage are authentic, many vendors recreate the old design, give them an oxidised look and sell it. This is a great consideration if you are a vintage lover, yet you do not want to pay high price for the designs.

Silver jewelry from Niyathi
Antique silver earings from Niyathi

5. All ask for hallmark 92.5 stamping, just as you do for Gold jewellery. Vintage pieces are excluded here.
6. While the whole process looks similar to gold jewellery making, calculating the pricing is not.
It is usually made per gram depending on the workmanship.
7. Gold plating is an additional feature which is available on several south Indian designs and appox pricing would be 1/10 of how much would pay for it in gold. If a guttapusalu design in gold is costing your about 3lacs, the gold plated version can cost you anywhere between 25k-30k.

Tribal necklace from Niyathi
Tribal necklace from Niyathi

All this said and done, I hope you now have a fair idea on what goes into the price tag of an silver ornament. And personally if you would ask me, I still keep buying these peices like a maniac.
There are many reliable vendors both online and offline and pricing is almost competetive. I have a list of my favourite vendors, however not all of them are maintaing the quality and services as they use. Right now my favourite has been Niyathi. The pricing is spot on, so are the services and quality.

Guttapoosalu from Niyathi
Guttapoosalu from Niyathi

Do let us know if you want further details on silver Jewelry and it care. Till then I sign off.

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