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Uff, The pressure of Bridal Trends!! But is it all worth it?

Being up to date on latest trends and styles is something more or less each one of us try to follow. Especially, in the wedding buckets, where the Bride wants everything special and unique for the most awaited day or her life, keeping up with the look book has now become a must. One would ask for the latest designs in wedding sarees, latest designs in Wedding decor or even the wedding food menu.
However, here is something which every bride faces at least once during her wedding festivities – As a bride you would choose something off beat or something very different from the regular choices, and then you would be bombarded with puzzled looks and sentences like “This is a very old model” or “This is too simple for a Bride, you need to look special” or even “This will not work out”. All these sentences seem very familiar right, and almost immediately you are convinced that you made a terrible mistake and that you may regret for this choice of yours later.

But, let us pause here and think. Is being trendy important or being classy? Trends are something which run the market and as a Bride you actually don’t have to follow them. Now look a Kanjivaram, it’s classy and versatile and it stayed so for all these decades, be it the retta pettu sarees or the Vaira oosi border, they haven’t lost their sheen!! Isn’t it? and why ? Coz there were never in the bucket of trendy, but in the cup of classy. So, your heart might want something rare and classy. You don’t have to be disheartened by people judging your choices on your special day. As we always say “Being is Bride is Divine” and so you don’t have to be a Bridezilla and let all these negative thoughts dishearten you.

I felt a utter need to pen down this today, because we are now in a generation where we are bonkers over anything vintage or anything labelled ‘revival’ and yet there is a peer pressure to follow the latest. While I myself as a wedding blogger have faced numerous mouth twitching comments for my wedding choices coz I chose something ‘old fashioned’ coz I thought it was ‘classy’. A simple example is I chose freshly made henna paste from my Grandma’s backyard over using a market bought mehendi.

But what happened after one year down the line? My wedding was long forgotten by everyone, but I have a wide smile always looking at my wedding pictures, and isn’t that what matters? May be it’s better than you trying to please everyone on wedding day and feeling terrible looking at the aftermath sometime down the line.

So, do what is you. It all boils down to what makes you feel alive and happy, so do not shy away from showing your spark.If you still feel confused and not confident enough in your choices, follow your tribe via various online forums who could appreciate your choices.

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