We bet, These are the *most* beautiful Silver creations ever

I mean seriously ladies, we are not for one second exaggerating about what we just named the title. A part of our daily job is to sieve through various Instagram and Facebook pages to present the pristine works possible. Why? Well, everyone loves master pieces right!!

Are you someone who loves silver oxidized jewelry? So much that you flood the vendors inboxes with Price please comments. And every time you buy a Silver Jewel, you promise yourself that you are never going to buy again, yet you buy on repeat mode? Same pinch!! we are like that too.

Stunning Afgan glass work from Niyathi

So we found ‘Niyathi‘, probably synonym to a Hidden Gem, yes truly it is. What a refreshing breeze ‘Niyathi‘ is from all the Silver dealers who just resell items from the manufacturers. We don’t mean they are trendy, sure they are, but making statement and stunning pieces is not everyone’s cup of tea, but ‘Niyathi‘ got the Gist very well . Well, a toast to them for all their tremendous work.

Well, here are the pieces which stole our heart, 1..2…3.. Here we go!!

Afgan glass earrings from Niyathi

We have come across various types of Afgan earrings so far, however this pair here is the finest of all? What do you think?

A combo of glass and Nakshi work from Niyathi

This melange is like a beautiful Ilayaraja melody. Stunning Nakshi work of Lord Krishna and varied craftsmanship, one of a piece to go straight into your vault.

Some vintage Jhumkas in Red from Niyathi
Some vintage Jhumkas in Red from Niyathi

Well, calling out all the Jhumka lovers here. This tribal oxidized silver earrings are pure love. Make sure grab them before it is too late .

Statement Hand painted earrings from Niyathi

It takes a personal style to create a statement. And if you are one such woman who leave their mark every time, this Hand painted Ganesha statement earrings are just for you.

Must have silver earrings from Niyathi

Now we come to the must haves. This pair is a classic vintage and irrespective of your style, this pair is a must for all. So place your order ASAP.

Bye until next time and right now Niyathi is taking orders for some exquisite neckpieces, so make sure you check them out. Stay tuned to Brides Essentials for more such InterestingF updates.

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