Intricate Benaras weave from Tilfi

We have found some exclusive Benarasi pieces here. Grab them now!!

If Kanchipuram is the pride of the South, Benaras is the crowning jewel of the North. As PM Modi mentioned in one of his public speech that ‘Every Mom’s dream is to gift her daughter a Beneras Saree for her wedding.” While that definitely hit the chords for all of us, that exactly how significant is India’s relation is with the Benarasi fabric. Hailing from the holy town of the Benaras, this definitely has history as old as the Kashi Ghats itself.

The famous bridal Benaras lehanga

The extensive weaving techniques using gold and silver thread or popularly called as the Sona Rupa Zari, this Weave is a must have for any India women’s wardrobe. However, due to the increased effort in the workmanship and spiked prices of the raw materials, Powerloomed and synthetic benaras have occupied the market. But, it is always as a great Investment and a priced possession too have the weave in your style trunk as a timeless classic. So here today, we have found some authentic online stores for some epic Benarasi drapes. So wait no further.

Bridal Lehanga from the House of Bageecha

Bageecha is a relatively new designer brand which took its name from the motifs of the Benaras itself. They are on their path of making their way big into the fashion industry bringing back the rich culture of the Benarasi fabrics through their bridal Lehangas and Dupatta. Without any exaggeration Bageecha is the best we found while hunting for Benaras lehangas.

A beautiful master weave Benaras from the house of Tilfi

Tilfi is a versatile brand which is putting tremendous effort in bringing back all the ancient weaves while working together with the weavers directly at Beneras. Their prices start from 5k to 60k depending on the quality and the weaving pattern of the Benarasee saree.

The grandeur of the Benaras from the weaverstory trunk

Weaverstory probably needs no introduction to anyone. It is considered an Institution when it comes to showcasing a beautiful curation of Benaras pieces ranging from khaddi chiffon to Jaal weaves and anything you name it under the roof of Benaras.

So, which one is your choice out of these Drool worth Benaras weaves.

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