Wedding #LOL moments

The wedding photographer usually is  requested  for quirky photography  ideas by the bride and the groom  for the wedding. Often overheard at the wedding things like” Please make me look thin in the photos”, ” Can you photoshop and  change the colour of my saree please!”    or ” I closed my eyes in the photo  but I have loved this picture so much, that can you please  photoshop so that they are open” .”Can you click my candid pictures”.
How hilarious we can be at our weddings! Seriously LOL.

Today we are sharing  funniest captures  by wedding photographers also trying to guess the motives of the captures!

You are officially finished Moment!

So what if you are my going to  be my  husband, your always wrong, and you will always be wrong! Punishment time.
A cutely captured naughty moment.

Aiyoo moment!
Being an  Ideal wife,  surprising the husband.

We just got married but I will knock you down Moment!

I will shoot you!Er.. atleast pose)

You are my Lord Vishnu(for now) and I will always be your Goddess Laxmi!

Men will be Men Moment!

I will always be your puppet my love moment.

Opps Moment! I dint do it.

Is it Mahurat time yet!

Let me go please.The groom trying to escape!

Something Fishy.. er.. Fishy eyes!

The champion Moment! You are been defeated Mr husband.

Mommy look what they did to me!

Who runs the world!

TIT for TAT moment!

She is got my back! 24*7

What crazy requests , unbelievable!

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