Weddings: The Indian way with Marigolds

Photofeature: Decorations with Marigold

A wedding which we all fell in love with, Konidela Sreeja’s nalugu  ceremony was full of yellow marigolds and coconut leaves.It was the best ,of one could ever ask for.

PC: Epics by Avinash

Double strings of yellow and orange marigold flowers.They always amaze of how simply they can bring that festive look in absolutely no time.

PC: Image Sensitive

An open air ceremony? Worried about the decor? No problem, just a string on these “gende ka phool ” is all you need to finish off it style.marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials116     No wedding is now complete without photo booth ideas and props.Then why not try this mari gold bicycle. It very simple and a great option for DIY

PC: Bougainvilladesign
PC: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Laddoo love  or Mari gold love? What do you think about this quirky photo with Mari Gold balls.marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials13Yes! Yes!! This is exactly how an authentic south-indian wedding would look like. Coconut leaves and mari gold  combination. A match made in heaven.

PC: Jeswanth Kumar Photography

Why do only girls have all the fun when it comes to Mangala snanam? This guy just nailed it with Marigold flowers and started off the wedding in style.

PC: Jaya Chandra Photography

Who said that only english flowers are to be used for the wedding entrance. Look at the tangy colored lovlies. Fell in love right?


Parrot inspired decor is all around now, why not add a mari gold string for that sun kissed golden glow to your decor.

PC: Shweta Poddar

If you are not a fan of all the bright colors, this jasmine and light marigold decor is just for you. sober and beautiful isn’t it?


If there is one thing which would define obsession, this picture would define it precisely. Loads and bunches of the lovely  Mari gold”.marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials111

PC: Devisatish Photography
PC: Suman Chakri Photography


PC: Cool Bluez

Well, this entrance is a true master piece, worth a try for your next ceremony isn’t it?

marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials114\marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials115Talk about the ‘oonjal’ or the swing, this swing decked up with marigolds is just perfect for your mehendi ceremony.marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials5Checkered Mari gold with parrot and bell decor for the Pellikooturu cermony, simple yet very unique isn’t it?

marigold_wedding-ideas_brides-essentials118Why not the divine toe-rings photography be done with Mari gold flowers, instead of the boring rose petals.

PC: Harsh Slush

And here comes the best, Photoframe with Marigold for the bride and groom.

PC:Ashok Arsh

If any of your friends are planning for fairy tale wedding with Anthurium or Orchids, Share them this article for Ideas. Indirectly you would be supporting our local farmers growing Marigold 

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