No outfit/style can beat the beauty and the feminity of an Indian Saree. 9 yards or 6 yards, the bengali style or the Madisar drape, it’s so versatile that even a 5 year old girl dreams of herself in these lovely drapes.

normal vs the can-can drape

However seeking comfort and being functional are two elements what the modern women are now considering while looking out for a Saree. You may have to dance to the peppy steps of Baraat once or may wish twirl to the romantic duet on your Sangeet, so would you choose a saree for these occasions? The answer may be a noddy no, but you would say a “Hell, yeah” in a while.This Instagram sensation named Tiabhuva, we promise you, will change the whole perspective on how you look at your Saree.

A beautiful contrast with the can-can

She created a modern drape which is popularly known as the can-can drape. This basically uses a solid colored can can skirt as a lehanga and a traditional dupatta would be replaced by the saree itself, so that you get large frills and a more fuller look. Sounds interesting right? Ever since her first modified drape which was less than 2 years ago, her looks are now a staple for any girl who is looking for a lil’ quirk while dressing up.

A Madras checks Saree in a can-can drape,by Tiabhuva
A contrasting combo with a can-can, by Tiabhuva

She also has a website called where you can actually purchase all of can-can skirts and blouses available in various colors and also some exciting sari accessories. While draping the can-can to a Kanjivaram saree is her favorite, you can also see her work magic with chiffons and georgettes. Not just on a can-can skirt, but also some normal saree shapers and your regular jeans too.

A white can-can paired to a Benarasi, by Tiabhuva

So if you are looking up for some saree inspirations big time, do head out to her Instagram account for all the drool worthy pictures.