When you literally mean “Love is in the air”:This photography technique is just nailing it.

Couple shoots have now become a must  during the wedding phase. Places sun kissed by nature and where greenery took over civilization may be obvious picks for planning your shoot.Obviously all the good vibes in you are reflected in every photograph. Isn’t it?

Every time we see couple photo shoots, be it pre-wedding or post-wedding, there are always Awww’s and wow’s ,but time and again there is always need for extreme creativeness so that the pictures stand out for all the others.

PC: Photriya Photography

Obviously ,couple shoots are all about bonding and you would want to treasure them all for all the years to come.While we were looking for innovative ideas for your couple shoot to stand out, we came across this awesome trend which is going viral.

It looks so good that it almost looks like the couples are  floating in the air, with all their magical love.Well for a moment you wouldn’t understand what actually is happening, but then the next moment you realize the beauty of this breathtaking art.

Made for each other by amarramesh
Made for each other by Amarramesh

It’s called the levitation photography, as complex as it looks, it isn’t a big deal when you have a right wedding photographer on board.And if you get into the technicalities of how it works, Its more of a Photoshop work than lens work.

Tamil Bramhim couple shoot
Tamil Bramhim couple shoot by Amar Ramesh

Single photographs are shot of the bride, groom and then the landscape. The bride and groom usually take the support of a flat surface like a stool or a plank. Later, the photography editors work their magic to conceal the other surface.

floating concept by wedding twinkles
floating concept by Wedding twinkles

And the end result? Its just way beyond stunning. It may have been intimidating and your head must have been full of doubts when we said this. But now that you know how it works, it is as simple as it is  right? So not just for your couple shoot, you can also try this technique for other occasions too, depending on your creativity.Hope you try this and rock it for your next big thing.

All in the divine aura!!
All in the divine aura!! PC: Siraj Khan Photography

Details of how  famous photography company Photriya did this levitation photoshoot is documented clearly in the blog. To check the blog, click ” here”

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